Cariani Porchetta di Bevagna. Street Food in Umbria Italy: sliced roasted pork sandwich called Porchetta sandwich

Bevagna's Porchetta

The Queen of Street Food: a real delicatessen

Porchetta - a typical product of Central Italy – is obtained by roasting a whole pork, head included, once deboned, seasoned, aromatized, and tied up with a thick string. The mouth-watering characteristic of porchetta is its fragrant golden and crispy skin.

The Origin Of Porchetta

The origin of porchetta is said to date back as far as the ancient Etruscans, who first cooked pork “in porchetta”. However, it is in Umbria, and in the Bevagna area in particular, that this tradition was upheld throughout the centuries, where people have been breeding pigs and processing their meat for as long as memory goes. Bevagna is the jealous keeper of the true art of porchetta, as testified by various historical documents, among which a manuscript revealing that pork was firstly roasted in Umbria by Saint Frances and Brother Leon.

Porchetta and Street Food

Porchetta is an integral part of the Umbrian culinary tradition. No fair, folk festival, or gathering would be complete without a bite of porchetta. Street food has taken this traditional dish to a whole new level, inventing new ways of serving it, alongside the classical roll. Fully equipped food trucks may now be found nearly everywhere serving typical specialties to passers-by.

How to Eat Bevagna’s Porchetta

The best way to enjoy porchetta is to taste it cold - rigorously sliced by hand with a long knife – in a roll. To enhance the experience, to the soft, savoury, and yummy meat, little bits of liver and crispy skin should be added. A glass of good wine would be the final touch.

Cariani Porchetta di Bevagna. Traditional sliced roasted pork sandwich called Porchetta sandwich in Umbria Italy
Bevagna is a small medieval village in Umbria, Italy. Cariani Bevagna's porchetta.