Bevagna’s Porchetta is starring at "Umbria in a bread roll"

A Weekend devoted to Sports and Healthy Eating in Bettona.
The Third Edition of “Bettona Country Half Marathon” and “Umbria in a bread roll”

by Luana Pioppi

A meeting with sports and quality healthy eating.
This weekend Bettona hosts the third edition of “Bettona Country Half Marathon” and “Umbria in a bread roll”. A double appointment scheduled for Sunday morning the framework of which is fitness classes. Fitness classes will be also held the day prior in the city centre.
The event is organized by the A.S.D. (Amateur Sports Club) Il Perugino Running Club and La Casa delle Cuoche (Women Chefs’ House) with the patronage and cooperation of the Municipality of Bettona. The event is sponsored by: Molini Spigadoro, Rossi Mercedes Benz - Smart, Grifo Latte, Cooperativa Pescatori del Lago Trasimeno, Birra Flea, Cariani, La Fattoria del Poggio, Enervit, Natura Si, Cantine Briziarelli, Pro Loco Bettona.

«Our objective – Gianni Pippi, Bettona sports town councillor, states – is to show that Bettona is well attuned with the combination of sports and tourism. We want to enhance our rich heritage. The marathon runners will twist and turn among our hills whereas “Umbria in a bread roll” aims to promote our regional excellencies, from the porchetta of Bevagna to the fish of Lake Trasimeno and the pecorino cheese of Norcia. These great products will be stuffed into bread rolls especially created for this occasion. The flours used are offered by Spigadoro and are the outcome of various studies involving authorities such as the University of Perugia and the Region of Umbria».

BETTONA COUNTRY HALF MARATHON – It goes without saying that the flagship event is the “Bettona Country Half Marathon”, 21,097 km of clean air among the hills of Bettona. The national running race under the aegis of Fidal (the Italian Federation of Athletics), is scheduled for Sunday at 9 am. The race will end in the heart of Bettona, known as one of the most beautiful villages in Umbria. An enchanting itinerary nestled in the woods, up and down the hills that overlook the historic centre of Bettona.

Guest of Honour wil be Gianni Poli - the winner of the 1986 New York City Marathon, - who is both the creator and organizer of some of the most evocative races in the world, including the Cortina Dobbiaco Run.

Coupled to the race, Museums in good shape: a Running Race in the heart of the Reinassance is an initiative aimed at promoting the museums of the territory. Runners will be given a free entry to all 12 museums of the circuit by showing their race bib until 31st July. The initiative was conceived by Sistema Museo in cooperation with Bettona Country Half Marathon, Coldiretti Umbria, Umbria Green Card Spinal Meter.

Spinal Meter will be attending the event both on Saturday and Sunday. Visitors - who so wish - will receive free postural examinations thanks to their innovative and unique device for radiation-free postural biometric tests. Moreover, 10 masseurs from the Italian School of Physiotherapy and the Enrico Fermi Insititute will be at the disposal of all participants.

UMBRIA IN A BREAD ROLL – The event is scheduled for Sunday 19th July at 10.30 am in Piazza Nova di Bettona, one of the most beautiful and spectacular terraces in Umbria. The format was designed by “La Casa delle Cuoche” and wishes to promote the region thanks to special rolls dedicated to the Excellencies of the Region: from the Porchetta of Bevagna, to the Fish of Lake Trasimeno and Pecorino Cheese of Norcia. Their packaging will be both captivating and eco-sustainable. A different colour will be used for each type of Molini Spigadoro flour used (black for vegetable charcoal flour, a different colour for hemp flour, and another one for wheat germ flour). The stuffed Rolls will be then paired with artisanal Umbrian beers. The staff of La Casa delle Cuoche will be happy to serve you in a specially equipped and eco-friendly area. Children will be welcomed with green rolls and soft drinks.

FITNESS CLASSES – The two-day event in Bettona also includes fitness classes that will be held in the main square and in other reserved areas. Classes of Extreme Metabolic Ivanity Training, Ivanity Pilates and Ivanity Pound workout will be held as part of the “Museums in good shape: not just running” side event. Classes are free and open to all age groups.

Bevagna 2015. Il panino con la porchetta di Cariani protagonista a l'Umbria in un panino evento organizzato dalla Casa delle Cuoche
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la Casa delle Cuoche promuove l'Umbria attraverso panini speciali: panino alla porchetta di Bevagna Cariani