Porchettiamo 2018, the Festival of italian porchettas, San Terenziano Umbria Italy

Porchettiamo 2018 – The Festival of Porchettas from Italy in San Terenziano

18/19/20 May 2018 - Porchetta is the protagonist of Porchettiamo

More than a festival, it is a real declaration of love! The protagonist is one of the tastiest, oldest and most popular foods of the Italian gastronomic tradition: the porchetta. The best producers of roast pork meet in Umbria, in San Terenziano di Gualdo Cattaneo (Perugia) in the "Piazza delle Porchette", for three days dedicated to the queen of street food, paired with Craft Beers, selected by Fermento Birra, and the wines of the Strada del Sagrantino.
A gastronomic journey through Umbria, Tuscany, Lazio, Marche, Emilia Romagna to Calabria and Sicily, including roast pork and street food, including workshops and tastings, with music, walks and games.

Porchetta Festival in San Terenziano

From 18th to 20th May 2018, the delightful village of San Terenziano is going to host “Porchettiamo – The Festival of Porchettas from Italy”. This excellence of street food is the honour guest of more than a mere gastronomic event. Porchettiamo is rather a love declaration, with plenty of side events and, above all, the best Italian porchetta declined in all its delicious varieties.

A unique opportunity you cannot miss on. You can savour this succulent dish right in the middle of the main square of this Umbrian village in the province of Perugia. Just for the occasion, the square is going to be named “The Square of the Porchettas”. Exhibitors are carefully selected by the organization, and producers come from various regions - even regions that are not traditionally connected to this dish. They will gather together, so that you can actually compare some of the "top" productions of the Italian tradition, namely porchettas produced in Umbria, Tuscany, Lazio, Marche, Abruzzo, Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia.

“In punta di Porchetta” is one of the focal points of the event. Starred chefs will give their own interpretation of porchetta, transforming rolls inspired by pork into works of art. They will also show that porchetta has developped into a cuisine style that can be used for other kind of meats, such as rabbit or duck. Indeed, porchetta is at the basis of many territorial and taste variations, with an incredible number of ingredients coming into it. Tradition and innovation join forces to sing this exquisite hymn to gastronomy.

Porchettiamo is an enogastronomic journey that connects fans with the best Italian porchettas and much more. Many other products of excellence will be showcased thanks to the “Porchettiamo & Friends” initiative that features the best of street food and registers and increasing number of participants. You will be able to feed your curiosity on the Lampredotto fiorentino, the Ciciotto of Grutti (a Slow Food presidium of Umbria), the classical Sicilian street food specialities (pane e panelle e arancine), cremini from Marche, as well as specialities from Sardinia. Moreover, at the Enoteca del Sagrantino, you can taste the wines of the territory and the artisanal Italian beers – selected for you by Fermento Birra – at the Birroteca Artigianale.

Gluten free rolls are available for people suffering from celiac disease. The organization worked in cooperation with the Italian Celiac Association of Umbria because porchetta is really for everybody.

Slow Food is participating to the event, being represented by Condotta Valle Umbra who will organize hand-on laboratories to prepare the Ciccotto of Grutti – a traditional Umbrian recipe based on pork with a unique and extremely aromatic flavour, a recipe that has been passed on from fathers to sons. The laboratory will show how to prepare homemade cured meats in an effort to recover those valuable practical skills that allowed our parents and grandparent to eat truly genuine and zero-kilometre food.

Finally, there will be no shortage of side activities. You can walk or ride a bike to discover the hidden paths in the area of Gualdo Cattaneo and its Castles, enjoy music and let your children have fun with activities designed especially for them.

Cariani, the best umbrian porchetta, at Porchettiamo 2018, San Terenziano, Umbria, Italy
Cariani Bevagna’s umbrian porchetta at the Festival of italian porchettas. Porchettiamo Italy