Interview with Giuliano Cariani in Bevagna - Italy

Antonella Sciocchetti - Rai 1 "Buono a sapersi" (Good to know) presented by Elisa Isoardi

Antonella Sciocchetti is in Bevagna to talk about porchetta - the typical delicacy of central Italy – with the master porchettaio Giuliano Cariani.
History tells us that Saint Francis and Friar Leon were the first to cook porchetta in Umbria. Porchetta is the beloved daughter of a preparation in different stages, an ancient craft the traditions of which have been jealously guarded in Bevagna for generation after generation. The porchetta roll (to be stuffed once the porchetta has cooled) is a must and should be paired with a good glass of red wine.

TV presenter Elisa Isoardi says: "Porchetta is mgnificent, simply irresistible. Today we are in Bevagna, because talking about pork, we couldn’t but come here….”.

Every episode of "Buono a sapersi" ("Good to know"), presented by Elisa Isoardi, concentrates on a different food product that is chosen for its extraordinary potential as a natural drug. Morover, the program is a journey into the nutrition planet, giving ideas and information on what reaches our tables - be it a natural or manufactured product -, and introducing rarities. The main objective is to explain that healthy eating is one of the keys to healthy living.